Eros Hoagland Believes Photojournalism Does Not Change The World

Screenshots taken from video.

Photojournalism plays an integral part in conveying truths and stories in the form of images showing timely newsworthy events, connecting to the viewers from everywhere around the world. However, Eros Hoagland, a burned out photojournalist believes photojournalism does not change the world. In this documentary video “We Fear Wolves We Never See Them”, Hoagland shares how photographing the drug war in Mexico has exhausted him and decided to move out of photojournalism.

In 1984, Eros Hoagland’s father who was a photojournalist was killed while photographing the war in El Savador. Hoagland then inherited his father’s cameras and subsequently followed his footsteps in photojournalism career, which led him to covering the drug war in Mexico in 2005.  Continue reading…