Fabian Krueger’s Fairy Tale Like Images Of A Castle

All images by Fabian Krueger. Used under a Creative Commons license. 

While shooting a prominent landmark that has been photographed one too many times by tourists may not be an appealing agenda for dedicated photographers, Fabian Krueger challenged himself to find alternative compositions of the popular Burg Eltz castle in Germany, and presented them in a beautiful photo series.

In order to create this series of photographs, Fabian spent some time around the Burg Eltz, walking around to get different framing of the same castle,  to achieve a variety of interesting perspectives. He did the typical close-up landscape shot of the castle, followed by the low angle perspective of the pavement leading toward the castle, and he took quite some time exploring the surroundings, capturing the environment which established a stronger sense of location. The weather was overcast, which usually works against architectural or landscape images but somehow fitted right into this series of the Burg Eltz, evoking a surreal and dream-like quality thanks to soft, diffused light, and hints of mist shrouding the overall scenery.  Continue reading…