Satechi Releases a Bluetooth Smart Trigger for Canon Cameras

 Bluetooth Smart Trigger

You may not have head of Satechi before but they have been making accessories for some time now. Today they have announced a wireless trigger for your Canon camera using bluetooth 4.0 LE. It should be noted that this version of Bluetooth is not compatible with non 4.0 devices. The accessory is a combination of a hotshoe mounted receiver combined with an app on your smartphone. This receiver has the battery life of roughly 2-10 years based on use and can be activated from up to 50 feet away.

The mobile app that controls the receiver offers three different photo modes at the moment. The first is “Regular Shot” which acts like a wireless shutter button for group photos. The second is “Manual Shot” which allows you to do long exposures in bulb mode. The final mode “Timed Shot” is probably what most people would buy the product for. Timed Shot allows you to add the intervalometer feature to your camera for time lapses.

At the moment it appears that the app is only available for iOS devices from the App Store. Chances are if you own a Canon camera this device is compatible but if you are unsure be sure to check out their website for more information. The Bluetooth Smart Trigger goes for $45 and be found on Amazon.