KFC’s New Chicken Bucket Can Grease Your Fingers and Print Photos

julius motal the phoblographer kfc memories bucket 03

From the folks who brought you the heart-stopping Double Down comes the intriguing and perplexing Memories Bucket, a standard looking chicken receptacle that’s been outfitted with a bluetooth-capable photo printer. The bucket was announced to celebrate KFC’s 60th anniversary in Canada, and what better way to celebrate than by printing photos from a bucket of chicken?

While it isn’t yet available, the bucket works in tandem with an app that you use to send photos to the bucket for printing. You can see a demonstration of that in a picnic setting in the video below. Despite Polaroid’s objections to Outkast’s instant photo advice, the people in the video shake the print. There doesn’t seem to be a charge port, so it seems safe to say that this runs on batteries. It’s also unclear if there’s a space to put in a new pack of instant film. In the video, the bucket rotates, but it’s mostly flush save for where the print comes out. If there’s anywhere to reload, it’s probably underneath the bucket, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Practically speaking, it would be good to have moist towelettes on hand before you start printing photos because we can’t imagine it being a good idea to have greasy instant prints. That could be the point, though. The memories you make around a communal bucket of chicken will only be enhanced if you could inhale the scent of classic fried chicken as you look at a photograph of a friend in your living room during a Seinfeld marathon.

According to KFC’s Facebook page, there will be giveaways sometime in the near future, but there’s no word on pricing and availability, though it does seem like there will be a limited run. All jokes aside,

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