Hilarity at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Ensues

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Things have not gone well at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics from the beginning. From unfinished hotel rooms and roads to athletes getting locked in their bathrooms and Olympic rings glitching at the opening ceremony no less, it seems like the people responsible for the whole event has had their work cut out for them. This year’s Olympic games seem so disastrous and so sad, in fact, that it sometimes feels like news media outlets are reporting on Sochi mishaps more than they are on the actual games.

Of course, while the reporters and athletes are not very happy with the situation they’ve found themselves in, they are, along with the rest of the world, taking things in stride, at times even taking on the humorous side of things. It’s hard not to smile at the awkward yet slightly adorable antics of the Russian Police Choir as they performed their rendition of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky in all cheery seriousness or at possibly the longest and slowest Olympic flame-lighting ceremony ever.

Most recently, Bryan Wood tweeted a precious photo of an old lady trying to take photos of the Russia/Slovenia hockey game while holding her little point-and-shoot backwards and it might just be the greatest thing that came out of Sochi.

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