Brothers Grimm’s Homeland: The Fairy Tale Landscape Photography of Kilian Schoenberger


All photographs taken by Kilian Schoenberger. Used with permission.

Fantastical, mysterious, dark and fabled are the words to describe the Grimm brothers’ folktales we have come to know and love. Not coincidentally, these same words also describe perfectly Bavarian-based photographer Kilian Schoenberger‘s series named after the famous storytellers.

As a landscape photographer, Kilian spends a good chunk of his time scouring the forests and mountains of Europe – whether it be in Germany, the Czech Republic, or Luxembourg – looking for fantasy-inspired scenes or scenes that may have inspired fantasy, like the lone Bohemian forest chapel in the photo above. The images he took of the scenes he’d found became what is now the haunting series aptly called “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland.”

Heavy with shadow, fog, and elements that subtly indicate human presence – abandoned machinery, ivy-covered bridge, castle ruins – which altogether create their atmospheric and mysterious mood, the photographs in “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland” will make you feel like you’ve literally just come out of a fairy tale or about to walk into one.

See some of the photos from Kilian’s wonderful series after the jump.

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