Skanda Gautam Documents What Happens When Bricks are Made

All photos from Skanda Gautam. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The last time we featured the works of Kathmandu-based Skanda Gautam we got to see some of Nepal’s most pressing issues and vibrant festivals through his lens. Since he has more social stories worth exploring, we might as well dive in to another of his fascinating series; a close look at the everyday life of locals and migrant laborers toiling away at a brick kiln.

Skanda, a photojournalist for The Himalayan Times, has been documenting various events, occasions, and locations, to give us an idea about the culture and ways of life in Nepal. His work shows us a lot of what we already know about the landlocked South Asian country and more — from vibrant festivals and cultural events, to the myriad of scenes depicting daily life. These include what work is like for various industries and groups of people, such as the brick kiln workers he photographed in January 2018.

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