Olympus Body Cap Lens Comes in Three New Colors – To Japan Only

Olympus E-PL6 white + BCL-1580 white

Together with the Japan-exclusive E-PL6, a slightly modified version of the E-PL5 for the Japanese market only, Olympus yesterday also announced three new colors for the BCL-1580 “body cap lens” that has been available for a couple months now. The new color choices are white, silver and red and fit the color scheme of the E-PL6 camera. While this certainly makes for a very sexy package, it is doubtful that these will be available on overseas markets as well. DC Watch reports that the new color versions of the BCL-1580 will be available from August for a retail price of JPY 6,825.

Pentax Shows Off a New Q Body Cap Lens and Flash

Pentax Lens and Flash

Here are a couple of in-development items that Pentax has decided to share with us. The first is a body cap style lens that will provide a toy camera like effect for anyone who owns one of Pentax’s Q series cameras. Both the focal length and aperture of the lens have not been shared with us, but it is scheduled for  Summer 2013.

The second is a new AF360FGZ II flash for their Pentax DSLR system. The flash will have a guide number of 36 at ISO 100 and will support P-TTL. As can be expected, it will also be adjustable vertically and horizontally for bouncing. The flash is also scheduled for Summer 2013.

Prices on both items will be announced at a later date along with more information and specs.