New55 Has Created a Brand New 4×5 Instant Film

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Since 2011, film enthusiasts from all over the globe have been patiently waiting for the commercial release of the New55 film, a 4×5 black and white instant film that produces both a negative and a positive print much like Fujifilm’s FP-3000B peel-apart.

The project, led by Bob Crowley of Ashland, MA, has suffered a number of delays and setbacks. Since the start of this year, however, the team has gotten back on track and is now running at full speed – the film community will be pleased to know that the film is ready for production.

Well, almost. First, they need our help. Crowley and his team have taken to crowdfunding so they can finally mass-produce the New55 film, which they need a lot of money for – $400,000 to be exact. So far they’ve gotten less than $27,000 worth of pledges. Unfortunately, if the funding falls short, we may never get to see this exciting new film in the market. Fortunately, their Kickstarter project still has 42 days to go. That’s plenty of time to raise a few hundred thousand dollars, right?

Whether or not you love film, if you’re interested in doing your part in actualizing this project, visit their Kickstarter page and back it up. A pledge of $75 will get you a box of the New55 First Edition while a $750 pledge will get you 10. They also have some sample shots and information about the manufacturing details on there too.

To know more about the New55 film, follow this link. And check out their Kickstarter video after the jump for a preview.

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