Preferred Mode: Photos of New York City’s Bike Culture at Its Best


All photographs by Sam Polcer. Used with permission.

While the rest of the country is confronting daily traffic in the confines of their airconditioned cars, gorging on the McDonald’s breakfast feast they grabbed at the drive-thru and producing vehicle emissions faster than you can say “global warming,” there is a growing subculture in the big, more compact cities (Chicago, New York, Seattle) that’s slowly but surely changing the way Americans commute.

This culture and mode of travel is Bike Commuting. And not only is it more environment-friendly (zero carbon footprint!), it also comes with whopping number of health benefits, among other things.

New York City-based photographer Sam Polcer, a bicycling enthusiast himself, sought to document bike commuting in the bustling streets of NYC with the intention of turning it into a book, not just to spread the word and get more people to hop on the bandwagon but also to make it look damn good. And so Preferred Mode was born, a bicycle street style blog that has captured bicycling New Yorkers sporting their individual and colorful styles and “wearing” their two-wheelers like the badges of honor that they are.

More than a year, a successful book, New York Bike Style, and hundreds of captivating photos later, Sam is still prowling the NYC streets armed with his camera and of course, his trusty bike. Phoblographer was lucky enough to have caught up with him for a quick chat about his awesome blog, the book, and what’s coming. Read his interview after the jump.

To read more about Preferred Mode, visit the website. Follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr for updates. You can buy the book, New York Bike Style, on Amazon.
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