The New Ihagee Elbaflex Now Comes in Two Models and Two Mounts

Ihagee announces adding a “Base” model and choice for an M42 lens mount for the new Elbaflex

With 10 days left and a little less than halfway of its funding to go, the new Ihagee has a couple more tricks up its sleeve to entice film photographers into backing their new Elbaflex 35mm analog camera on Kickstarter. Now, backers have the option to choose between two models and two lens mounts.

With the outpour of requests from passionate film photographers, Dresden-based Ihagee have announced they added a basic version of the Elbaflex for a $299 pledge. Called the Elbaflex Base, it will have the same mechanical and technical specifications as the more premium Elbaflex Prime — which you can get at a Super Early Bird pledge of $529 —  but with less aesthetic and ergonomic refinements. The wooden grip is a standard issue for the Prime, but can be added on to the Base. The budget version will also have a leatherette covering in one color, as opposed to real leather covering in four colors made available for the premium version.

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