Watch These BASE Jumpers Set a New World Record By Jumping off the Burj Khalifa

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Here’s a big dose of adrenaline for you today: a remarkable BASE jump off the World’s Tallest Building.

World Champion BASE jumpers Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen just set a new world record on Monday, April 21, for jumping off of Burj Khalifa’s pinnacle and the video that recorded their jump is nothing short of exhilarating.

At 2,722 feet, Burj Khalifa in Dubai holds the title for the world’s tallest building. People have, in the past, BASE jumped off this towering structure before. In fact, Nasir Al Niyadi and Omar Al Hegelan set the world record back in 2010 for doing the exact same thing, only at 2,716 feet.

This time however, Reffet and Fugen broke that previous world record by launching off 6 feet higher. BASE jumping is no easy undertaking but this one is even tougher than usual. Not only did these two go through three years worth of intensive BASE jump training in Switzerland and Dubai, jumping off helicopters and the Lauterbeunnen Mountain, before their record-breaking jump; but they also had to, with the help of several people, set up and attach a special 3×9-feet rigging to the pinnacle so they could use it as their launching platform.

Of course, they made it look like a piece of cake in the video, as terrifying as it was to watch, let alone experience first hand. To us spectators, the whole jump was an adrenaline-pumping, mind-blowing experience. To Reffet and Fugen, it was so much more. It was a dream coming true.

Watch their insane jump after, well, the jump.

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