This App Makes Baby Selfies a Thing

Baby Selfies

Selfies, they’re a terrible and desperate call for attention that’s already spread all across Internet on dating sites and everyone’s Facebook wall.

And now babies can start taking them too with this new Baby Selfie Android app.

Taking lazy parenting to the nth degree, the app plays a virtual game of “peek-a-boo” with your tots to attract their attention to take a picture just as the little critter pops up to surprise or scare your child. We all know there will invariably some parent that thinks my kid would look really cute with a duck or sparrow face, despite how sad and tired they already look on adults.

Supposedly the app was made with the intent of making it easier for parents to take photos of their babies, than well, just even trying at all. But then again it takes a pretty lazy parent to use an electronic parent to entertain and take photos of your kid.

Via LaughingSquid