Here’s Why Some “Bad Photos” Resonate with You

Ever notice how “bad photos” sometimes resonate with you more than technically flawless ones? Here’s a really great and detailed answer from Jamie Windsor.

Ask London-based photographer Jamie Windsor who his all-time favorite photographer is, and there’s a big chance he’ll answer Nan Goldin. He explains his choice by detailing what it is about her work that draws him and commands his attention: the authenticity and emotional narratives brought about by imperfection. Yes, you’re reading it right. Imperfection is something that the digital world has largely amended, if not erased, with the latest and greatest of gear. But in the case of photographers like Nan Goldin, Jamie has found that “bad photos” often resonate with viewers because of a creative use of imperfections to convey a feeling or capture a moment from the photographer’s perspective.

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