Woman Assaults Photographer for Taking Photos With a Drone on the Beach

woman beats photog

“Holy crap, this woman is bonkers!” That was my first thought when I saw this intense video of a Madison, CT woman assaulting a photographer for taking photos on the beach (she even said, “maybe you shouldn’t be taking photos of people on the beach” when the photographer asked her to stop.)

Granted, he was taking photos from a multicopter, which many of us admit have not been perfected yet and can be, at times, a danger to others (as proven during this incident in the Amazon rainforest); and we can definitely understand a reason for concern from bystanders. But to this extent? We think not!

It’s one thing to ask the photographer to please stop using his drone and ask the cops to intervene if he doesn’t, if you really fear for your safety. It’s an entirely different matter to

(a) demand that a photographer stop taking photos in a public space – why do you think it’s called “public”, and

(b) BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THAT PHOTOGRAPHER when he doesn’t. That’s just borderline insane, you need to start seeking help for anger management or something.

Even worse, this woman, who’s been identified as Andrea Mears, told the cops when they finally arrived that the photographer assaulter her! You know, to try and get him arrested because she probably realized, while in the middle of hitting him, that she had no grounds at all. Luckily, the photographer kept his wits about him and secretly recorded the whole incident with his camera phone. He showed that video to the cops and this abusive woman ended up getting arrested for assault and breach of peace instead. Let’s just hope, for all our sakes, that they’re sending her to counseling.

We’d like to describe the appalling confrontation for you but it would be best if you see it for yourself. Watch the video after the jump.

Via PetaPixel
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