Nudity Pertaining to Photography: Is It Really Necessary? (NSFW)

Nudity in photography is sometimes an overused tool to make a statement.

I’m not a prude. I love nudity — too much, some may say. But when it applies to photography, I’m more analytical about the use of nudity and its purpose in the overall message. The Phoblographer was recently sent a press release highlighting the work of Spencer Tunick. The work looked at isolation and togetherness, and all his subjects were nude. Tunick is a seasoned photographer; his credentials speak for themselves. But while reviewing the project, I kept asking myself one question: why.

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Street Photographer Vineet Vohra on the Making of a Magazine

julius motal the phoblographer vineet vohra 3

All photographs are copyrighted and used with permission by Vineet Vohra.

Some photographers make zines, others run websites, and some publish full-fledged magazines. The latter applies to Vineet Vohra, an India-based street photographer, who cofounded Art Photo Feature with his brother Rohit, also a street photographer. While Vineet is an avid street photographer, he doesn’t confine the magazine to just that genre. Here he shares insights to the genre he loves and what it’s like to run a magazine.

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