Evelyn Bencicova’s “artificial tears” Puts a Beautiful Spin on Mundane Life

All images by Evelyn Bencicova. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We hear the phrase “art imitates life” every now and then, but I think sometimes we see “imitations” that make us wish life can be just as artful in the real world. I was recently reminded of this as I browsed through the beautiful set by Bratislava-based photographer and art director, Evelyn Bencicova.

Entitled artificial tears, Evelyn’s set lets us follow a lone subject who appears to be going about her days, which seem mostly hushed and unhurried. Many of the scenes we witness are relatable and familiar. Stressful days at work, solo walks around town, daily chores we sometimes don’t want to be bothered with, an occasional visit to the local museum or art gallery, random Instax-worthy moments, and sometimes just doing nothing but staying still. Everything feels so everyday that I can almost hear many of you say, “Yeah, been there, done that.”

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