Arild Heitmann Showcases the Stunning Mountain Scenery of Senja Island

All photos by Arild Heitmann. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The last time we shone the spotlight on Arild Heitmann and his work, we had a great tour of the visual wonders Iceland has come to be known for. Today, we want to present another set of magical landscapes from him, this time a place closer to his home: Senja Island in Norway. If you’re looking for the next stunning northern destination to visit and photograph, we’re sure you’ll be convinced after looking through this collection!

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Arild Heitmann Unveils the Otherworldly Highlands of Iceland

All photos by Arild Heitmann. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Iceland is a famed destination sought after by intrepid travelers and adventurous photographers. Just how many of us have drooled over and dreamed of setting foot in such a surreal place? All the photos we’ve seen prove that when it comes to otherworldly locations, we often don’t need to look far. Today’s featured snaps by landscape photographer and adventurer Arild Heitmann are no exception. If you’ve ever needed some convincing to finally fly to the magical island nation, let this stunning series give you the final push!

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