Wedding Photographer Turns Approaching Wildfire into Newlyweds’ Photographic Gold

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All photographs taken by and used with permission from Josh Newton.

Love conquers all, even raging wildfires… as this happy (and now married) couple from Bend, Oregon proves beyond a doubt and in their wedding day, no less.

Michael and April Wolber’s beautiful wedding ceremony in Rock Springs Ranch, just outside of Bend, was almost put to a disappointing halt when a wildfire got too close to their location. Over screaming sirens and thick looming dark smoke, they were told they needed to evacuate just when everybody was already in place, ready to start.

Thankfully, after a lot of imploring, the concerned firefighters finally changed their minds and let the couple quickly exchange their vows in front of their friends and family…and well, I guess that darn wildfire.

Fortunately for the couple, their wedding photographer Josh Newton is brilliant enough to turn the wildfire situation into something just as incredible as their resolve to marry despite the danger – he took photos of their eventful day with the wildfire as the backdrop. Yup, the fire and dark smoke clouds you see in the photo above is just a stock image Photoshopped into a shot of the couple. That’s the actual wildfire this couple had to face down during their wedding.

The images, one of which is of the bride walking down the aisle with thick smoke behind her, turned out pretty incredible. And how could they not? It’s a pretty ingenious idea, one that probably won’t get replicated anytime soon, and a sure-fire (no pun intended) way to make the Wolbers’ wedding day an even more unforgettable event.

See more of Josh’s amazing photographs from the Wolbers wedding after the jump.


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