Cute Dogs Take Spotlight in Awesome Photos by Craig Turner

“Animals are constantly communicating with us,” says New Zealand-based traveling photographer Craig Turner about his experiences while photographing dogs around the world. He’s made some incredible portraits of many furry four-legged friends. Aside from the technical aspect of getting a good picture, he tells us how to capture the emotions behind the animals and their owners.

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Alma Leaper Hopes These Big Cats Love Her Back

Alma Leaper

“Be respectful. Put the animals, not your lens first,” firmly says the Lead Photographer and Head of Photography Workshops at The Big Cat Sanctuary in the UK, Alma Leaper. What started with a visit to the sanctuary turned into a full-time role a short while later. Alma tells us how she bonds with these big felines and how each of them has a beautiful personality all their own.

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Dogs Love Posing as Rockstars for Angelika Goltyaeva

“Sometimes I look at an animal and think, how would he look if he were a human?” says Angelika Goltyaeva of the background behind the idea for this series. A fleeting glance at a picture of an unruly Afghan hound on the Internet sparked an idea that led to an extensive photoshoot with some wild looking canines. With the right makeup, creative hairdressing, and some perfectly placed lights, she’s created a one-of-a-kind rock band shoot using dogs as subjects. And it looks like the dogs had the most fun during this shoot.

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Isaac Alvarez’s Humorous Portraits Merged Dog Heads with Human Bodies

All images by Isaac Alvarez. Used with permission. 

The most interesting portraiture work can include elements of humor, unusual concepts, provocative ideas, and meaningful messages the photographer intends to get across. Isaac Alvarez successfully blended all of these in his series of beautiful portraits featuring different breeds of dogs with their respective owners.

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Jurian Kriebel’s Awesome Portrait Series Shows the Expressive Side of Goats. Yes, goats.

All images by Jurian Kriebel. Used under a Creative Commons License.

Netherlands based photographer, Jurian Kriebel, has created a beautiful and compelling portrait series with goats as his subject. Photographed in a studio, the goats’ white fur contrasts boldly with the dark black background as they preen and express themselves reminiscent of humans. Kriebel uses a variety of angles to capture each animal, showcasing them in an often heroic and engaging manner. Kriebel’s camera of choice for the series was a Canon 6D with 28-135mm lens. For lighting he used a Yongnuo YN-560 flash off-camera through a softbox. The resulting images provide a dramatic, thought-provoking, and sometime comical look at goats like we’ve never seen them before.

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Shadowplay’s “Animal Head” Series Presents a Unique Twist on Portraits

All images by Shadowplay Media. Used under a Creative Commons License.

Shadowplay, an advertising photography and film studio based in Cheltenham,UK, created quite a unique portrait series for a recent client. Their client, GillFoxJames, approached them to create some quirky portraits that could be used for their offices as big prints and also online. They wanted quirky, but also something that related to the personality of the sitter. Shadowplay decided to ask each staff member “if they were an animal, which would they be?”, a question that produced some interesting and varied results.

Shadowplay combined images they photographed of each individual with stock imagery of the chosen animals. In post the two were blended to create an animal head that represented each member of GillFoxJames staff.

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