Kremer Johnson Photography Duo Introduces Los Angeles in Portraits

All images by Kremer Johnson Photography. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

It’s been a tried and tested way to document a place by photographing its people, which is why it remains a popular creative venture for photographers. The collaborative duo of Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson gives us a glimpse of Los Angeles by photographing random people making their way around the city for a set called Angelenos.

Evidently a reference to the demonym of its people, Angelenos is an ongoing personal project by the duo behind Kremer Johnson Photography. Here, they used one strobe for each portrait taken in Los Angeles, where they’re currently based. Instead of using busy streets or city scenes as the backdrop of their portraits (as we often see in street portraits and other similar projects), Kremer and Johnson set their subjects against calm and scenic backgrounds which works great to isolate and emphasize them.

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