Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Use Paparazzi to Send Charitable Message, Again


They may carry around cameras with expensive lenses all day, and their job may involve taking photos, but the paparazzi are notorious for being scums of the world, a reputation that for the most part is not without justice. They hunt celebrities and famous personalities down like prey, and some even go as far as doing repulsive stuff to get a rise out of the person they happen to be chasing.

It’s little wonder we see and/or hear about celebrities – Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin, heck even pacifist Chris Martin and Katie Holmes’ little girl Suri – getting into yelling matches and even physical fights with these so-called photographers. You can’t blame them. They are human, and people generally tend to react negatively when cameras and flashes are being shoved in their faces when they’re just going about their day.

Yet you have to admire how some celebrities handle paparazzi better than others. Take the adorable coupling of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, for example. These two have been prime paparazzi real estate since that Spiderman reboot came out, yet not once have we seen them go bonkers on any paparazzo. Nope, not even the finger.

Instead, the couple has adopted an ingenious way to turn the menace collective into prime resource themselves. They’ve gotten into this habit of holding up cardboard signs containing handwritten messages to highlight and bring attention to the non-profits they support, including the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, while being stalked and photographed. The first did it in 2012 and again on Tuesday, June 17.

The way the world tends to eat up everything celebrity-related, I’m pretty sure their cardboard sign campaigns are probably just as effective, if not more, as throwing a charity auction or ball. So we’re giving kudos to them for using their celeb power for good. With great power, after all, comes great responsibility.

Via Know Your Meme