The SLR Magic Anamorphot-50 is a Videographer’s Dream Come True

SLR Magic Anamorphot anamorphic adapter

SLR Magic has just officially announced its Anamorphot-50 anamorphic adapter, which has been developed in close co-operation with the videography community. Thanks to its 1.33x squeeze factor, the Anamorphot-50 can be used to record footage in the cinematic 2.35:1 ratio within a 16:9 container format. Just as with all anamorphic video, the results will have to be stretched to the intended format in post-production.

The Anamorphot-50 will be available in two editions, a standard edition and a special edition. The standard edition is the more affordable one, setting you back $899, but it may contain slight imperfections such as small specs of dust. This is a compromise between price and quality that SLR Magic decided to make. The special edition will be free of such imperfections, but will set you back a whole grand more. Also, it will only be sold in Hong Kong.

In addition to the Anamorphot, SLR Magic will also be selling achromatic diopters for close focusing. These come in set for $299 and comprise a +0.33 and a +1.33 diopter adapter. You can pre-order both the Anamorphot-50 and the diopter adapters right now by following @anamorphot on Twitter and emailing a screenshot to by Feb 14th (GMT +8). After that, you’ll have to wait until March until the adapters hit official SLR Magic retailers.

After the break, you can find a sample video by Seb Farges, who spent a week with the new SLR Magic Anamorphot-50 adapter, using it on both an Olympus E-M5 as well as a Sony A7. In that video, you will get to see not only the wide 2.35:1 cinematic look, but also loads of beautiful anamorphic flare that’ll make you want to place an order for one of the new adapters right away.


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