These Creepy Fan-Made Teasers for American Horror Story: Freakshow are Giving FX a Run for its Money


On the heels of American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy’s announcement that the fifth season of the popular series will be called “Freakshow” comes these super creepy fan made art that are so good you’d think they’re actually the official teaser posters for the upcoming season.

The folks over at Colorado-based Something Random Media, a photo-and-video-service company led by Charles Kelly and Mikeal Macbeth, are the ones responsible for these awesome creations. They recently partnered up with photographer Karl Pfeiffer to create these posters that are very much inspired by the teasers from the show’s past seasons.

As Kelly tells The Phoblographer,

“Between the three of us, (Myself, Karl, and Mikeal) we constantly discuss Television/Film/Photography and what specific productions are doing right, and what they are doing wrong. In this case, we thought that even with the problems we see with the actual American Horror Story show, they really get the teasers right. The first batch usually does not include any of the actors/actresses in the show, and film broadly within the themes of the season. Super. Freaking. Awesome. Its really interesting to see how FX handles their shows, trusting them enough to not show actual footage from the season up until the show starts. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a company step out of the norm when it comes to trailers.”

The trio also made a couple of cool shorts that would totally make for a great opening credit sequences. With these and the amazing posters, these three are totally giving the AHS art directors/photographers a run for their money and then some. And they’ve only just begun. Kelly says that they are planning on doing more teasers for AHS: Freakshow as well as producing behind-the-scenes tutorials on how they were made in the next couple of months.

I, for one, can’t wait for what else they have in store for us. Good thing we have these first wave of teasers to entertain us while we wait for the next installments. See Something Random Media’s AHS: Freakshow posters and video sequences after the jump!


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