“She Found Me” Kurt Moser’s Words About His Camera and Shooting Will Make You Smile

“Lightcatcher” Kurt Moser tells about his “crazy love story” with a 111-year-old camera in this Al Jazeera short film

A few months back, we had the spotlight on Italy-based photographer Kurt Moser and his mind-blowing project – transforming a URAL 375 truck into one of the biggest mobile cameras in the world to take massive ambrotypes of the breath-taking Dolomites. Today, we learn about how his love affair with wet plate photography started with the discovery of a massive 111-year-old camera.

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Kurt Moser Transforms a Russian Military Truck Into a Camera and Darkroom

Ambrotype photographer Kurt Moser has big dreams for his craft. Literally and figuratively.

As if taking on a very challenging traditional photography method called ambrotype wasn’t already a big undertaking, Italy-based photographer Kurt Moser decided to go even bigger. He had the mind-blowing idea to transform a URAL 375 into one of the biggest mobile cameras in the world. The mission? To immortalize the majestic Dolomites in massive ambrotypes taken using the Russian military truck-turned-camera.

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Ambrotype Photography Made With a Dallmeyer 3A Lens in 1880

Screenshots taken from video. 

Fascination with the roots of photography and subsequent exploration of the traditional practices from the old days have made a strong resurgence recently. We found this short educational and awe-inspiring video made by Mantas.dk showing the process of Abrotype photography creating images on glass.

For some background: ambrotypes made an appearance in 1850 and subsequently surpassed daguerreotypes in popularity at that time. Commonly known as a collodion positive in the UK, an ambrotype is a positive photograph on glass made by a variation of the wet plate collodion process. For his personal project with Anbrotype photography, Mantas.dk used an FKP 30cm x 40cm camera from the Ukraine made in 1984 with a Dallmeyer 3A lens from London made in 1880.

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iPhoneArt Launches Kickstarter to Make Daguerrotype and Ambrotype Prints Available to All

Ambrotype print by iPhoneArts

Have you ever dreamed of having your iPhone photos printed as Daguerrotypes or Ambrotypes? Neither have we. But apparently iPhoneArt sees a market for that, which is why they’re launching a Kickstarter campaign so they can bring affordable Daguerrotype and Ambrotype prints to everyone. Using special printing processes, the Daguerrotypes will be executed on specially coated mirrors, while the Ambrotypes will be executed on glass. This way, iPhoneArt aims to give vintage-looking mobile photography a physical form.

Check out their Kickstarter video after the jump.

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