Delicate Seasonal Double Exposures by Alon Avissar


Graphic designer and illustrator Alon Avissar, whose impressive portfolio includes designing for big names like National Geographic, USA Today, and Adidas, has been experimenting with multiple exposures since early last year, blending people’s portraits (mainly his friends and family) with plenty of negative space with images of flora and urban landscapes. And his early results were nothing short of fantastic.

Recently, he has taken his new hobby, if you must, to a slightly different direction. Taking inspiration from Czech Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, he started designing his own seasonal calendar. According to him, this mini project called Seasonal Beauties came about after being stuck at home for a couple of days:

With it being the dead of winter and having been snowed in for the past couple days now, I starting thinking about what designs I could create based on the theme of “seasons.” Alphonse Mucha’s Art Nouveau calendars immediately came to mind. These calendars would be split in to four sections and always featured a pretty girl representing her own stylized seasonal wonderland. I figured I’d attempt give this same concept an updated double exposure twist.

Using images of roses, pine cones, snow-covered pine needles, and almond blossoms to represent summer, autumn, winter, and spring respectively, he created such delicate and softly feminine double exposure portraits, making his winter confinement worth his while.

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