This Superb Toy Photography Takes You to a Whole New World of Fantasy

Toy photography allows adults to be kids again. It allows them to play around, experiment, jump into a world of fantasy, and document it all with their cameras. While it’s fun and games, executing good toy photography requires a high level of attention to detail and creative vision. When poorly executed, you have a bunch of toys that tell no story. However, you create an entirely new world that people demand you invite them into when it’s done well.

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Allan Teger Combines Nudity and Still Life for His Majestic Photos (NSFW)

All images by Allan Teger. Used with permission.

“They see what happens in our mind as we experience a shift in perspective,” explains Allan Teger as he discusses the impact his photos have on his viewers. He adds, “that is the most important part of my work.” His photographs certainly do make you question what you’re seeing. Combining humanity with still life, Teger has amassed a body of work that removes itself from the status quo. Our readers know we love work that goes against the norm. And it felt nothing but natural to invite Teger to speak with us to talk about a series that’s lasted over 45 years.

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