Gøneja Captures the Magic of His Queer Community

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“My queer family are the first people I ever photographed,” the Berlin-based artist Gøneja tells me. “And they’re the ones I continue to portray to this day.” He’s embarked on countless adventures with this chosen family, whether they’re dancing the night away at Berghain, the iconic (and famously hard-to-get-into) club in the heart of the city, or spending the day exploring a quiet village in the Polish countryside. Their faces appear time and again, in darkened interiors and sun-drenched landscapes, as you make your way through his newest book, Rituals

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Hao Nguyen Shows How Powerful Photography Leads to Healing

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“…I tried to find ways to cope with heartbreak and trauma,” Toronto-based photographer Hao Nguyen tells us. Hao is the winner for the healing category for the 2021 All Out Photography Awards. “Since it was difficult to express it on my own, I wanted to visualize healing through others…” The 2021 All Out Photography Awards offered a platform for photographers to express the issues confronted by the LGBTQ community. Just shy of 2,000 images were summited, and a range of industry experts selected the best of the bunch. Hao Nguyen is a Chinese-Vietnamese photographer. His take on the subject matter offered a sense of unity and came with a dose of creativity that any artist can enjoy. We caught up with Nguyen to see how life has been since receiving this fantastic recognition for his work.

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The All Out Photo Award Focuses on Struggle And Adversity

The All Out Photo Award offers a voice for the LGBT+ community.

Attacks on the LGBT+ community are sadly not uncommon. Members of the community often share their stories of abuse, discrimination, and violence. Amongst the LGBT+ community are photographers, and many of them tell their stories through visual documentation. Now, alongside MTV, global movement All Out is giving them a platform to share their stories in the form of a 2021 photography award.

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