ISO 400: David Carol Talks About Life in Photography

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All images are copyrighted David Carol, and are being used with permission.

David Carol has done nearly all there is to do in photography. He’s the author of three books. He’s given presentations, portfolio reviews and workshops. He’s served on the juries of competitions and written about photographers for various publications. More recently, he’s become a publisher in his own right by starting Peanut Press Books, a publishing imprint he cofounded with Ashly Stohl. His photographs often have a subtle humor that catches you by surprise. David’s a photographer’s photographer with a wide network of friends that he’s developed over the course of his 35-year career. He lives and breathes photography as fully as anyone can.

A selection of David’s work and the episode are below. For more of his work, you can check out his website and find him on Facebook.

As always, our music is provided by Yuki Futami, a New York-based jazz musician.

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