Touching Photographs by Father and Daughter to Honor Mom and Their Memories


All images shot by and used with permission from Melanie Pace.

When Ben Nunery and his wife Ali married in 2009, they decided to have their wedding photos taken in the home that they had just purchased to document the beginning of their new life together. Sadly, their time together as a family was cut short when Ali succumbed to lung cancer in 2011, a year after their daughter Olivia was born.

In November, Ben and Olivia have moved out of their Cincinnati home but before they moved on to a new life in a new place, Ben wanted to say a proper farewell and celebrate their happy memories they had with Ali. So with the help of Ali’s sister, photographer Melanie Pace, he and now 3-year-old Olivia recreated those wedding photos that started it all.

In the end, it wasn’t a sad goodbye but a heartfelt and hopeful new beginning. See the photos after the jump.

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