Up-Free Let You Use Professional Stock Images for Free


Photo by John “flick” Purchase

When it comes to stock photography there are really only two routes with free images from Flickr creative commons or paid services like ShutterStock. Now Alexandr Pirogov has  introduced a third option with his site called Up-Free, which lets you use professionally shot images for free.

Up-Free is not just a website for Alexandr, it’s a project. As a web developer creating websites for more than two years, Alexandr says he began his mission to help himself and everyone searching for high-quality images. “My problem was searching for high quality photos for backgrounds,” he said. “I decided to help myself and other people with same problem!”

Currently there are 57 photos on the site from various photographers from the likes of Vittorio Ciccone and John “flick” Purchase. Of course all of the images have been posted with their owner’s permission. “I communicate with photographers via email to ask them for some cool photos,” Alexandr explained.

In the future, Alexandr says he hopes to try his hand at photography himself and add his own photos. All in all it’s nice to see there’s another resource for stock photography.

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Via Reddit

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