5 Popular Stories Show the Power of Photographing Hotels

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Hotels are an excellent source of creative inspiration. From the high-class five-star to the spooky abandoned motel, there are plenty of opportunities to make compelling photographs. It doesn’t always have to be boudoir either. Although it’s a popular genre for hotels, other photographers have used some of the best overnight stays for image-making. Naturally, we’ve published a range of stories that focus on life inside hotels. And in this article, we’ll look back at some of the highlights.

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Stories of St. Francis Are Boudoir Stories From A 100 Year Old Hotel (NSFW)

All Images by Alejandro Misteró. Used under a Creative Commons License

In the center of Tijuana, Mexico is a 100 year old hotel called St. Francis. It has never been remodeled or updated and retains that very old look and feel of an early 19th century hotel. Photographer Alejandro Mistero got to thinking about this old city landmark, right at the heart of a bustling chaotic modern city, thinking of all the stories that each room of this hotel must have had.

“So I decided to give something back to this hotel by making a boudoir series shooting with different models in different rooms,” Mistero says of his Stories of St. Francis series, which is broken into chapters as he examines different stories with different models in various rooms of the hotel. The images have a very raw, intimate feeling and much like the hotel in which they are shot, really give you that feeling that you are looking at something lost to time.

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