Alicja Zmysłowska Creates Breathtakingly Beautiful Photos of Dogs

“Ciri loved exploring Norway with me, running free, and having baths in the fjords,” Alicja Zmysłowska tells me. Ciri, a Border Collie, accompanied the photographer on an epic journey through the Nordic landscape–home of the northern lights and the midnight sun. On one occasion, they spent the day walking, and when all was said and done, they’d covered 28 kilometers to reach the famous Trolltunga rock formation. They spent their nights in a tent, side-by-side, beneath the starry sky. 

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“Paddling Tranquility” Showcases the Epic Glacier Landscapes of Alaska

Alaska remains one of the world’s most fascinating destinations for anyone in search of adventure, as this stunning project proves.

For many travel and landscape photographers, all the wanderlust-inducing destinations that await not only make the promise of great photos but also epic adventures. The latest in our list of outstanding work that proves this is a project by buddies Toby Harriman and Jussi Ruottinen, which document their epic time in Alaska where they paddled on glacier rivers they described as “beyond incredible.”

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Watch Photojournalist Katie Orlinsky Get Her Spark Back Through Dog Sledding

National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase once again tells about a photographer finding inspiration in extreme conditions, this time with Katie Orlinsky documenting dog sledding in Alaska.

National Geographic once again inspires in another compelling photography-centric installment of its Short Film Showcase. This time, we learn about the story of photojournalist Katie Orlinsky, who was in turn inspired to tell a fascinating personal story of dog sledding in the Alaskan wilderness.

When you’re a photographer whose passions and motivations lie within documentary work, the mission lies within the power of photography to incite emotions and ideas to the viewer. For photojournalist and National Geographic photographer Katie Orlinsky, her goal has always been to capture intimate moments within extreme circumstances. To be able to capture images that have a universal quality and can make people feel something, a sensibility attuned to both the mind and heart is a must.

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