Canon Files Patent for Automated AF Microadjustment

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon 70D First Impressions product photos (1 of 8)ISO 4001-125 sec at f - 5.6

Outside of Simga’s new line of USB hub connectable lenses, adjusting the autofocus on a lens has never really been an easy to access process, but now it seems Canon is also looking into improving user access with a new patent. The patent first spotted by Egami (translated) suggests the camera company could add an automated AF adjust feature to Canon cameras and lenses.

According to the patent description, researchers looked into automated AF microadjustment as a way to automatically fine tune the focus of their lenses to the DSLR body. It’s not completely uncommon that a lens will be calibrated slightly off, the focusing algorithms will have errors, or simply that two specific copies of a lens and a camera don’t go along so well out of the box.

Thus far, AF microadjustment on Canon DSLRs–and not all Canon models–and AF Tune on Nikon DLSRs requires digging into the settings to do some fine-tuning on lenses. Canon’s new patent suggests an easier auto-adjusting solution to fix lenses for users without the keenest eye or technical know how. The patent does not exactly say if the automated adjustment would come as a one-button fix on its new DSLRs or any technical information on how it would actually work.

As with most patents, we won’t hold our breath for it to actually become a real thing. That said, if anything else develops out of this automated AF microadjustment patent you can be sure we’ll report on it so stay tuned.

Via Canon Watch