Build a Touchscreen, Wi-Fi Connected Raspberry Pi Camera for Less Than $130


Building a film camera by today’s standards is fairly approachable thanks to designs like the Lux and the Lomography Konstruktor. Turns out building a fully featured digital camera isn’t that complicated anymore either. Adafruit’s Phillip Burgess shows us how it’s done by using some open-source electronics including the Raspberry Pi Model A plus a camera module, a touchscreen, USB battery pack, and an optional Wi-Fi adapter.

What’s the grand total on a project like this? Roughly $126.80.

The components aren’t just easy to buy, they also simply plug into each other to create a package roughly the size of a point and shoot camera. Similarly, the code is mostly preassembled and can be simply loaded on to a SD card. Photos shot with the camera are saved onto the same SD card. Alternatively, with a Wi-Fi module and some setup, the camera can upload photos directly to DropBox or another cloud storage service.

With a 5MP camera and a fixed focus lens, this hacked together Raspberry Pi camera isn’t going to wow DSLR or modern smartphone camera crowd. But, it could be an inexpensive and fun learning experience, plus there’s always the option to further customize the camera and software.

Meet the camera and it’s maker in video after the break.

Via Imaging Resource

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