Colorado Ad Agency Turns Viral Video Into Holiday Cheer

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Leave it to ad agencies to take advantage of one viral video to make another.

Remember that “Shocking Photoshop Body Evolution” video of a normal-looking model being digitally airbrushed into the perfect woman specimen with the use (or abuse, depending on your perspective) of Photoshop that went viral and caused a worldwide uproar a few weeks ago? Well last week, Colorado-based ad agency Victors & Spoils proved that the digital manipulation and retouching could swing one way or another.

As part of their Christmas campaign, those clever folks from Boulder used that undoubtedly eye-opening clip and hopped on the digital body manipulation bandwagon themselves – only this time, they’re making light of the issue through a satire piece while simultaneously spreading some holiday cheer along the way. In their version of the Global Democracy campaign video, they took photoshopping to the next (comical) level by turning the regular-girl-turned-Barbie into the bright and merry Santa Claus, clad in the same skimpy red undie but in all his stout and hairy glory.

And while their version provides yet another proof of the disturbing lengths agencies go to in order to produce an image that really sells, the result is still a hilarious and not-surprisingly effective holiday greeting.

See the entire video after the jump.

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