Zeiss’s New Telephoto and Macro Zoom iPhone Lenses Are Coming

They started out as more of a gimmick, and many photographers still do not take them seriously, but phone accessory lenses have come a long way in the last few years. There are some very solid options for people looking to not only get great images from their phone, but also extend their capabilities without sacrificing much, if any, image quality. One of the new, but higher quality players in the accessory lens game is Zeiss, and they just announced two new additions to their iPhone 6 line of accessory lenses.  Continue reading…

Lensbaby Turns to Kickstarter for a New Selective Focus iPhone Lens


Lensbaby, creator of selective focus optics such as the Sweet 35, turns to Kickstarter with a crowdfunding campaign for an accessory sweet spot lens for the iPhone. If the campaign is successful, this would be the first lens of its kind specifically made for smartphones. And finally Lensbaby fans all over the world will be able to achieve the company’s signature look with their smartphones.

What the sweet spot lens does in similar fashion to the Sweet 35 mentioned above, is to create lots and lots of blur around a center spot that is in focus. While effects like this can also be achieved through image manipulation after the captur–Instagram has an option, for example–the results never really look as good as with a dedicated lens. In order to further expand your creativity, the lens will feature a magnetic mount at the front which allows the use of addition converters for wide-angle, telephoto, macro etc.

If Lensbaby is able to raise the $20,000 in funding that they are seeking, the lens will hit the market at a retail price of $70 later this year. If you’d like to secure your own copy of the Lensbaby for iPhone, a pledge of $50 will get you one of the first lenses to be shipped. For more details about the sweet spot iPhone lens, head over to the Kickstarter campaign page.

Via PetaPixel