How I Caught The Photo Bug: Features Editor Abram Goglanian

All throughout my childhood I can recall a camera being present at most family functions, sometimes I’d even be the one to “press the button”. If only I’d known how important that shutter button would become to me in the future. Fast-forward to my 8th grade year (which would be around mid-1998) and I had signed up to be part of the school yearbook. This marked the first time I would be intentionally setting out to take photos and begin to document life happening around me. I’ve always been something of an outsider (though I prefer to call myself a keen observer) and suddenly having a camera in my hand opened my eyes to an entirely new world of creativity.

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Shameless Plug: Give This Canon 5D Mk II a Good Home

5D Mark II Front

Interested in buying a 5D Mark II body? Well I just happen to have an extra one. I have been using this camera for the past few years, but I have typically been a two camera body shooter for most of that time so it wasn’t always seeing use 100% of the time.  Cosmetically speaking it is in excellent condition overall, with some minor wear on the strap lugs and tiny knicks here and there but no significant damage in any way. The shutter has had a little over 45k actuations and has plenty of life left in it.

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