Rumors Point to Sony Announcing A7 and A79 Soon


We may have a new E-mount Sony camera on the way in the form of the A7–with the first being the A3000. According to the fine folks at Sony Alpha Rumors, the A7 which also goes by ILCE-7 will be followed by the A79, and both will share the same specifics despite their different lens mounts. They will both sport 32MP APS-C sensors, a burst rate between 8 and 14 fps, 480 focusing points, and a 4MP EVF among other features. There’s also a full-frame NEX on the horizon, but details about that are practically nonexistent. 32MP for an APS-C seems like a bit much. Just make it full frame! But Sony’s been on the up and up with their cameras, so we trust them. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for more information.

Via Sony Alpha Rumors