This Minox B Gold is a Luxury Spy Camera for Your Collection

This rare Minox B Gold is a spy camera that will make any photographer feel like a royal spy.

It wasn’t too long ago when we gave everyone a heads up that spy film is back for those cool Minox subminiature cameras. If you’re keen on trying out espionage photography but don’t have something to shoot with yet, this super rare ebay find seems like a good choice — especially if you have a taste for the luxurious stuff! This Minox B Gold, listed by Germany-based ebay seller trudhild, may look quite battered, but that’s sometimes as good as it can get when it comes to rare but used vintage items. Despite the cosmetic issue, the seller says it’s fully functional and the lens doesn’t have any scratches or fungus. It also comes with the original crocodile skin case. If that sounds like an interesting piece to you, it’s all yours for US $5,365 or your best offer.

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