Cahute Preserves The Traditional Large Format Portrait Photography On Direct Positive Paper

All images by Cahute Studio. Used with permission. 

While the world now revolves around digital photography with the Megapickles race running rampant, there is still a movement of going back to and enjoying traditional approach in photography. Take Cahute for example–a portrait studio based in Finland that specializes in 8×10 large format camera on direct positive paper.

Cahute was founded by Jaana and Lorenzö, whom we had a pleasure of corresponding with. Jaana and Lorenzö strongly believe that photographs are made to last and should be in physical format that can be easily handled and passed on. They have a 1966 magnesium Calumet C1 camera and a 300mm Caltar lens mounted on a sturdy, heavy duty Linhof tripod #3233 in the older grey version. They claimed this creates a unique experience for people having their portraits taken in the studio, sitting still posing in front of an unusually large sized camera that exposed directly onto 8×10 paper. Continue reading…