Review: Rokinon 8mm T3.8 Cinema Lens (Canon EF Mount)

Rokinon’s new 8mm fisheye t3.8 cine lens was another whole experience of its own for me. Since I’ve never shot with a specialty lens like this before, I found the experience rather daunting to comprehend. I wanted to challenge myself. I did not take this lens off my camera for a long while. I was trying to understand it. In a way work with it to better see its uses and uniqueness. That’s when I kind of started to gain some respect for a fisheye lens.

Editor’s Note: This review is a bit of an experiment for us. This lens is a cinema prime, which means that it has T stops instead of F-stops. Since it is also meant for videography, we’re testing it a bit differently and trying to target the photographer that would also shoot video to add more to their portfolio potential. We’re open to suggestions on how we can make our cinema prime lens reviews better.

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