In Case You Didn’t Know: Spy Film is Back for Those Minox Spy Cameras!

Now you can load up your Minox Spy Cameras with film!

Heads up, film photographers, spy camera fans, and vintage camera collectors! If you still have one of those super cool Minox subminiature cameras from the bygone years of espionage photography, you can finally give it a go with film now available from Blue Moon Camera and Machine.

Ranked alongside other cool spy cameras like the Doryu 2-16 and the F-21 Ajax camera, Minox subminiature cameras were extremely popular during the Cold War. They were no bigger than a pack of gum and could fit the palm of the hand, but were designed to quickly take high-quality photographs. In fact, according to Crypto Museum, the CIA used these tiny snappers from World War II up until 1974. The Soviets also used them until the late 1990s.

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