Eugene Tumusiime Creates Photos Straight from a Cyberpunk Daydream

“Over time, I gradually became invested in the idea of reimagining London as a cyberpunk metropolis,” the award-winning photographer Eugene Tumusiime tells me. When he started shooting in London, he was enchanted by the neon lights of Piccadilly Circus. He followed in the footsteps of generations of street photographers, chasing down decisive moments shared between taxi drivers, bus passengers, and pedestrians in Soho and Chinatown. 

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Olympus’ 75-300mm for MFT Gets an Upgrade


This is about the same 75-300mm lens that you have seen and loved before with just a few fine-tuned adjustments. Starting from the top, the focus ring will remain the same. There is now a printed zoom range, effectively getting rid of the 35mm equiv. notice. The zoom ring will be the same, according to Olympus, even though it appears a bit different in photographs,and it will be available only in black with a new ZERO-Coating added. This coating is said to improve ghosting and flare throughout its range.

Olympus says that with this new lens you will be able to do hand-held super zoom shooting when combined with the 5axis stabilization of the OM-D. I’m not sure if this is a new addition or them just reminding us that they have the best stabilization method on the market.

The new lens will be shipping in March at a price of $549. The current model is available in both silver and black and is currently priced at $399 so there may possibly be some price drops on that.