Review: Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo 6 TB


In the world of hard drives and data rates, every few years or so a new standard of fast comes out. When I started out with with Macs and had a grasp on what external drives were, Firewire was a very expensive option for your Mac computer. But anyone who was working in media, or graphics/video were using Firewire drives. You can thank Apple for pushing this interface that never quite caught on with the mainstream PC market. It’s been the standard for a while–hard drives, audio I/O devices, even a generation of the iPod used Firewire-400!

Now, Apple teams up with Intel to make Light Peak. We all know it today as Thunderbolt. Apple/Intel’s new interface for use for high-speed data access when you need it. That’s where the opportunity for  new high-speed drives comes into play.

Western Digital let me have a go with it’s My Book Thunderbolt Drive. I’ve had some time to make some video work with it, run renders as well as transfer files on this drive. Fast is the word that comes to mind. More below.


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