Review: Olympus OMD EM5

When the Olympus OMD EM5 was originally announced, I wasn’t very impressed. In fact, I still firmly believe that what I saw in that room wasn’t near the level of amazingness that I spent a good two weeks testing. Yes, the Olympus E-M5 was really quite wonderful and was able to stand up to quite a bit.

But did it stand out in a world where APS-C mirrorless cameras are seemingly trying to take the edge?

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Useful Photography Tip #18: Keep Your Lens(es) Protected

A lens with filter and hood. Read below why using both is important.

When being out and about taking pictures, one of the most important rules is to keep your lens(es) protected. There are various reasons why this is important, and various ways of lens protection that are possible. For one, you don’t want your lenses to be damaged. Ever walked through the narrow streets of a small Mediterranean village? You could easily come too close to a wall and scratch your front lens element. Ever taken pictures at the sea with a non-waterproof camera? Dirt or salt could easily penetrate your lens. But it’s not only about the lenses—it’s also about the camera. Ever walked through bright sunlight without a lens cap on? Your shutter or sensor could be damaged by a concentrated beam of light. (Remember how you used to burn ants with a loupe when you were a child?)

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Review: Fujifilm X10

Back around Photo Plus, we had Hands On time with the Fujifilm X10 while shooting a party. Even after the release of various powerful point and shoots, the Fuji X10 is still quite a powerful little camera and one that seems to offer lots of promise. We’ve finally had the time to finish up our review after quite a bit of testing.

In a nutshell, it is a highly underrated point and shoot that can stand toe to toe with some of the larger sensor DSLR cameras despite having some quirks.

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Review: Sony NEX C3

The Sony NEX C3(or NEX-C3 or C-3 as all the cool kids on the forums are calling it), is the latest in the line of mirrorless cameras from Sony. Promising better ergonomics, more control over your image, and better image quality than the predecessors, the NEX C3 has quite a bit to live up to. As a system that has previously promised amateurs better image quality by essentially designing the camera around just leaving it in auto, the NEX system has taken off to the point of helping Sony capture the #2 camera spot in Europe. But can the new NEX C3 target the same amateurs while still making that extra bit of control a bit easier for the pros?

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Street Photography Showdown: Leica M9-P vs Olympus EP3 vs Fuji X100

We’ve reviewed the Leica M9-P (M9P or M-9P), Olympus EP3 (E-P3 or EP-3) and the Fuji X100 (Fujifilm X100) and put them through their paces. Now if you take a look at street photography forums and read questions from photographers, they will all express uncertainty about which camera would be best for them. After long, thorough and exhaustive testing, this is the comparison review; we hope our findings will answer the questions of street photographers and documentarians everywhere.

So which one is right for you and which one can be declared king of the streets? Let’s find out.

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10 Winter Photography Tips That Everyone Should Know

Camera Nikon D90 Exposure 30 Aperture f/29.0 Focal Length 34 mm ISO Speed 800 Lens 18.0-105.0 mm f/3.5-5.6

It is time to say hello to winter, hello to layers of clothes, snow, challenging light and earlier nights. You have to go outdoors to keep your sanity. Too much time indoors will drive you nuts. Winter is a fascinating time for photography. There are physical and mental challenges that can make things remarkable. It is a time to produce some great images. When camera settings, care, lighting, and white balance are in the snow, you have to think a little more about all of it. Continue reading…

Hands on and Hands Off: Olympus EPL-1

I recently had the pleasure of testing the Olympus EPL-1 that is being so highly raved about while on an excursion in Chinatown. While this is a camera that people stepping up to interchangable lens cameras might appreciate, I don’t think I ever want to touch one again. There are flaws with the camera that I really wasn’t satisfied with in addition to huge problems that are totally unacceptable. My conclusions are after the jump.

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