Creating the Photograph: Debabrata Ray’s “The Red Girl”

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach you about how they concepted an image, shot it, and edited it. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching readers how to light. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Photographer Debabrata Rey is very highly focused on portraiture. He does loads of personal projects and also works on a bunch of fashion projects. One project of his that really caught our eyes was of a photo called “The Red Girl.”

You see, Debabrata works on putting forward a true creative vision as we’ve seen from his tattoo project and his People of Copenhagen feature, His method is very specific and he’ll make sure that everything in the scene is perfect before he even picks up the camera. It’s part of what helps him deliver incredible photos.

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Debabrata Ray on Photographing Tattoo Artists


All images by Debabrata Ray. Used with permission.

“I also think that having friends who loved getting their pictures taken, added to this effect.” says photographer Debabrata Ray about his love of photography and portraiture. Perhaps his love of these things, her personable nature, and the way this is all conveyed through her portraits of tattoo artists are why we were drawn to his work.

Deb, as he goes by for short, is based in Copenhagen and is a self-taught photographer. We found his work on Behance, where he wrote that his photography style is editorial / photojournalistic and that he loves to portray and convey a story through his photographs. With that in mind, he is also a creative director and a designer who learned his in-depth knowledge of lighting from both The Phoblographer and FStoppers.

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How to Ask a Stranger for a Portrait. The Psychology of Street Portraits

It starts out with an understanding that we’re all human beings, and it’s not all that difficult.

Fact: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Asking a stranger for a portrait isn’t as difficult as it seems. And like anything, you sometimes just need to prep for it. But a few bad photographers have given the rest of us a horrible reputation. In truth, it’s not hard to ask someone for their portrait. Sometimes they’ll say no, and other times they’ll say yes. But it’s the approach that matters. We’re going to quickly run through that in this article.

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6 Photographers Show the World Their Superb Creative Photography

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We love all types of photography here at The Phoblographer. However, we must admit that some of what we see is a bit boring. That’s not to say it’s bad photography, but many photographers do the same thing without pushing their creative boundaries. The good news is, we’re not going to subject you to any of that. We’re going to share a round-up of photographers who think outside the box – a collection of works that shows their artistic flair and creative photography.

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The Beards Project: Portrait Photography Emphasizing Many Glorious Beards

All images by Debabrata Ray. Used with permission.

Photographer Debabrata Rey’s The Beards Project is a special one for all of you who are fans of some genuine male whiskers. Debabrata is a portrait photographer whose work has continued to evolve quite a bit over the years as he’s become more experimental. The way he works with people, his lighting, use of colors, and his creative vision are always things I genuinely feel make his work unique.

So we talked to him about the signature look in The Beards Project.

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People of Copenhagen: a Street Portrait Photography Project


All images by Debabrata Ray. Used with permission.

Debabrata Ray is based in Copenhagen and takes a particular liking to the people there. We’ve interviewed him before, and his newest project “People of Copenhagen” is loosely inspired by Humans of New York.

“While the purpose of the HONY project was different, for me I wanted to take portraits of the people of Copenhagen with a different purpose.” he tells the Phoblographer. To start, he thinks that the people there are incredibly good looking.

“…the average person is really fit, they have sharp features and they have an amazing dressing sense (even though 99% of the color they wear is Black)”

Combine these fantastic subjects with the fact that he loves to take portraits and shoot fashion, and you’ve given Deb a street-style photographer’s dream.

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7 Photographers Maximizing the Strength of Their Canon Camera

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The Canon camera is a mainstay in the photo industry. Even after all these decades, new and experienced photographers swear by their Canon systems. It’s no surprise. After all, Canon does make quality cameras and lenses. But, of course, it’s no good having a quality camera if you don’t know how to use it. Thankfully, the photographers in this piece have made remarkable photographs and projects – their Canon cameras are just trusted extensions of their creative vision.

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