Portrait Photography: You’ll Fall In Love With These 85mm Primes Instantly


85mm primes are an essential tool for portrait photographers.

Portrait photographers need a lot from the lenses they use. Lenses have to be sharp, reliable, produce great bokeh and beautiful natural skin tones. Another quality they need to have is great build quality. Like many other things in life, not all 85mm primes are created equal. However, we’re sure that you’ll love the 85mm primes we have listed after the break. If you’re in the market for a new go-to portrait lens, the five we have listed after the break will offer you everything a modern portrait photographer needs.

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50mm vs 85mm: Which Is Better for Portrait Photography?

The debate on whether to choose a 50mm vs 85mm lens for portraiture continues!

50mm vs. 85mm? That’s the question. And most often, it’s associated with portraiture. Both of these lenses have their advantages and disadvantages. And the question has to do with what you want to do with each lens. In most cases, both will do an outstanding job. Even modern lenses in these focal lengths don’t have much noticeable distortion. One can argue that it all has to do with the field of view, but that’s not really the case anymore. So we’re going to break down using them with two of our favorites.

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Canon Is Set to Flesh Out Their RF Lenses with 4 New Primes

Canon RF Mount Lenses 35mm

Canon is looking to expand their number of more affordable RF Lenses pretty quickly.

It took a while for Canon to introduce many affordable RF lenses for the EOS R, EOS RP, EOS R5, and EOS R6. Now, though, things are starting to change. We have already seen solid options like the RF 35mm f1.8 Macro, the RF 50mm f1.8, and the RF 85mm f2. Then there are lenses like the RF 600mm and RF 800mm f11 primes, and the excellent RF 24-105mm f4-7.1, and RF 24-240mm f4-6.3. These lenses have made Canon’s Full Frame Mirrorless system much more palatable to more than just top-end pros. There’s still a long way to go, but Canon is apparently busy at work on four new primes that range from f1.4 to f1.8. We’re pretty excited, and you should be too. We’ve got all the deets after the break.

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85mm Primes That Have Everything Modern Portrait Photographers Need

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As portrait photographers, we demand a lot from the lenses we use today. They have to be sharp, reliable, and produce great bokeh and beautiful natural skin tones. Another quality they need to have is great build quality. Like many other things in life, not all 85mm primes are created equal when it comes to their builds, though. With clients demanding more and more outrageous shoots so that their images stand out from the rest, having a robust lens is a must. Fortunately, some fantastic 85mm primes on the market aren’t only built tough, they’re weather sealed too. After the break, we’ll share five 85mm primes that offer everything the modern portrait photographer could ever need in a lens.

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Canon’s 85mm F1.4 L Has the Best Optical Quality of Any EF Mount Lens

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After somewhat of a break from testing camera lenses, DXOMark has returned with a bombshell. The Canon 85mm f1.4 L IS USM, an EF mount lens for DSLRs, is a certified banger! In fact, it’s so good, it beats the stellar Sony 85mm f1.4 GM in every category. Also, for Canon RF mount users, the new 85mm f2 IS STM did very well during DXOMark’s tests. If you’re a portrait photographer who shoots Canon, head past the break for all the juicy details.

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We’ve Tested the Best 85mm Lenses for Every Camera System

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For some folks, shooting portraits is the toughest thing. Getting over our own mental barriers is a great place to start. Understanding that everyone is human also helps. Best of all, good communication and teamwork make the dream work. And to add a cherry on top, a solid 85mm lens can create a timeless portrait. We’ve tested nearly every 85mm lens currently on the market. This list rounds up the very best 85mm lenses you can get for every full-frame camera system.

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Beautiful Budget Bokeh: 5 85mm Primes Under $800 That Will Amaze You

E Mount Lenses

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Beautiful bokeh for under $800!?! Is that even possible? You bet it is. Sometimes, you can get beautiful bokeh for well under that price too! There are those out there who believe you have to spend over four figures to produce portraits with buttery smooth bokeh. However, this is not the case, and it hasn’t been for some time now. If you’re a portrait photographer who is just starting out or who simply knows that you don’t have to spend crazy money to get good quality, these 85mm primes are for you. After the break, we will share five 85mm primes that will render creamy goodness on a budget.

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Budget Portrait Magic: Canon RF 85mm F2 Macro IS STM Review

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At the initial launch, the Canon RF mount had few budget-friendly options, but the Mirrorless lens line-up is quickly catching up. The Canon RF 85mm f2 Macro IS STM is one of those lenses. An ideal focal length for portraiture, Canon also tossed in .5x macro capabilities — the lens isn’t a one genre shooter. Priced at $600, the lens is easily the more accessible option than the $3,000 RF 85mm f1.2 L USM DS.

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Why Didn’t Canon Make This? Samyang 85mm F1.4 RF Review

The Samyang 85mm f1.4 RF is an affordable option for Canon RF shooters and has everything you want.

This is the lens so many have been asking for. Canon currently has two main 85mm lens options. There’s the 85mm f1.2 RF, which we adore, and the Canon RF 85mm f2. The Samyang 85mm f1.4 RF sits right between both of these. For many, it’s perfectly positioned. There’s no image stabilization, but it has a bit of weather sealing, and it also focuses quickly. And best of all, this lens has its own character to it. It could very well be the option you’re looking for if you’re a portrait photographer.

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The Panasonic Lumix S 85mm F1.8 Is the Lightest on the Market

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The rumors have been around, and they seem true! The new Panasonic Lumix S 85mm f1.8 is real. With nine aperture blades and tons of weather sealing, it’s also a modest size. It boasts only a 67mm filter thread. And best of all, it’s almost half the weight of the Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN Art. According to our research, weighing 355 grams compared to Sigma’s 630 grams, the Panasonic 85mm f1.8 is around the weight of a Campbell’s can of tomato soup. It’s also around two times the weight of a billiard ball. Sigma’s lens is otherwise around one and a half times as heavy as a soccer ball. It’s also lighter than Sony’s 85mm f1.8, which is 371 grams according to Adorama! If it’s anything like Panasonic’s 50mm f1.4 Lumix Pro lens, then we’re very excited.

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Our Guide to Canon RF Mount Lenses Just Got a New Lick of Paint

Canon has been busy pumping out new Canon RF Mount lenses, and we’ve been busy reviewing them.

During the last year, Canon has been busy innovating in the camera lens space. The RF mount has come on in leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. It is quickly becoming an excellent, well-rounded platform. We have also been busy putting Canon RF mount lenses to the test in the real world to see if they can stand up to the levels of abuse Canon claims. We’ve just updated our Canon RF mount buyers guide so that you can quickly see just how well each lens performed. For all the details about the update, skip past the break.

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Is the Canon EOS R5s a Camera for Real Photographers?

Just make sure you market the Canon EOS R5s for photography and not video, Canon.

2020 has been a year of ups and downs for Canon and their fans. We have been graced with two fine cameras, the EOS R6 and the EOS R5. Unfortunately, Canon’s marketing efforts harmed the excellent EOS R5. Canon pushed the EOS R5 as a camera for hybrid creators (with a massive emphasis on video rather than photography), and it backfired. Still, news about a 90 Megapixel Canon EOS R5s behemoth has surfaced, and if true, this could be the camera Canon photographers start having naughty dreams about. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Quit Your Hate! This Is Great! Canon EOS R5 Review

The Canon EOS R5 is the company’s first major professional mirrorless camera, and it’s wonderful!

There was a time when I was angry at Canon. But when the Canon EOS R launched, that anger subsided. It was a nice entry into the serious mirrorless camera world. But the Canon EOS R5 is arguably the camera they should have launched at the start. This camera can easily become the bread and butter of any professional photographer using it. It can also be a great tool for a multimedia shooter. Better yet, the hobbyist photographer who is passionate about the craft will enjoy what this camera can do. There has been a lot of wrongful bashing of the Canon EOS R5 on the web. And in this review, we’re going to talk to the practicality of it all. Note that before you go on, we’re not sensationalizing things just for clicks. If you’re a shooter that left Canon for another system, we’re probably going to tell you a few things you don’t want to hear. So, please keep your superiority complexes in check.

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How to Enjoy Shooting Portraits With a F1.2 Lens

Everyone loves bokeh, but shooting with an f1.2 lens is trickier than you’d think.

The dream of so many portrait photographers is to own an f1.2 lens that they can shoot dreamy portraits with. This stems from the days of Canon EF lenses and their legendary f1.2 primes. Since the film days, these lenses have let photographers shoot in the dark with little problems. They also somehow just make everyone look magical on camera. As pleasant as f1.2 lenses are, they’re not easy to use if you’re an inexperienced photographer. They’ve undoubtedly improved over the years, but to make the most of them, you should check out our latest cheat sheet!

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Which Is Best for Portraits? 50mm or 85mm Prime Lenses? Let’s Find Out

It’s a trick question as both prime lenses are great, but you need to know when to use each one and what their strengths are.

There are two prime lenses that both new and seasoned portrait photographers will always reach for, and they are 50mm primes and 85mm primes. Both of these lenses have great qualities, and even though the focal range is not massively different, they will both produce vastly different results and they both have the best use cases. After the break, we will take a quick look at both lenses and help you understand when each should be used.

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Here’s How The IBIS System in the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 Work

The Canon EOS R5 and the Canon EOS R6 were just announced today, and they have an IBIS system that is unlike any other.

Canon is saying that the Canon EOS R5 and the Canon EOS R6 can have up to 8 stops of image stabilization with the right lenses. That’s quite insane to hear! It more or less means that you can have all the coffee jitters and still possibly get a blur-free shot. But what happens if you don’t have an image stabilized lens attached? Indeed, two of the company’s best lenses are the RF 50mm f1.2 L USM and the RF 85mm f1.2 L USM–neither of which have image stabilization. Then who can forget their very innovative RF 28-70mm f4 L USM lens? Well, according to Canon, the image stabilization will all depend on the focal length that you’re using.

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Canon Closes the Telephoto Lens Gap with Several New RF Mount Lenses

The library of Canon RF mount Lenses is becoming more robust, especially in the telephoto section.

Along with the announcement of the highly anticipated Canon EOS R5 and the EOS R6, Canon also announced a slew of new lenses today as well. Joining the ranks of Canon RF mount lenses will be three new telephoto prime lenses and a telephoto zoom lens that will delight birders and wildlife photographers. With these new lenses, Canon has significantly closed the gap between themselves and Sony in this segment. After the break will take a quick look at the new Canon RF mount lenses and how the RF mount now stacks up against offerings from Sony.

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Showdown of the Portrait Photography Focal Lengths: 85mm vs 135mm

Both 85mm and 135mm lenses are highly sought after options for portrait photography, but which focal length reigns supreme?

When it comes to portrait photography, many photographers will naturally reach for an 85mm or 135mm prime lens. Both lenses are equally capable of delivering stunning results in the right hands. However, there are fundamental differences between the two focal lengths that give each lens unique advantages. Understanding them will allow you to pick the most appropriate option at your next portrait session.

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8 Weather Sealed Canon Cameras That Can Play in the Rain and More

Canon EOS R

No matter what Mother Nature has planned, these weather sealed Canon cameras can take all she’s got.

If you’re an adventurous photographer, you probably like the idea of getting out into the wild when the weather takes a turn for the worse. This is a great thing: most of us earth-dwellers tend to like staying dry and warm, and because of this, most photographers miss out on epic scenes that can only be created when the sky opens up. If, though, you’re ready to get your feet wet, you may find you need a camera that can stand up to Mother Nature’s abuse. Over the next few weeks, we are going to break down the best weather sealed cameras available by brand. In this roundup, we are going to focus on weather sealed Canon cameras that are ready for anything.

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Portrait Photography: The Differences Between 85mm and 135mm Primes

lightroom presets

Both 85mm and 135mm lenses are great for portrait photography, but each has particular uses.

Ask any photographer about the lenses they use for portraits, and more than likely, they will come back to you with the same answer. The 85mm and 135mm focal lengths have been go-to options for portrait photography for many years, and for good reasons, but how do you decide between the two, and what are the most significant differences between them? After the break, we will take a quick look at both prime lenses and list the pros and cons of each so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision.

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Infographic: Tips on Shooting Portraits with an 85mm Lens

When it comes to portrait photography, the 85mm focal length is the go to choice for most photographers with good reason.

For many photographers, the 85mm focal length is synonymous with portraiture. Whenever the topic of portrait photography comes up, the discussion inevitably involves the use of 85mm lenses. But, why is the 85mm focal length so closely associated with portrait photography, and how can you best utilize it in your portraiture work? That’s precisely what we’re covering today with our latest original Phoblographer infographic.

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