Graceland: Food Photography Inspired by Elvis and Priscilla’s Fantasy Wedding Buffet

All images by Louise Hagger, Emily Kidd, and Alexander Breeze. Used with permission.

Making food eye-catching and mouth-watering is the bottom line of food photography. But sometimes, photographers and their collaborators get the idea to make things bigger and push the boundaries further. This is definitely what we see from Graceland, a series of food snaps that celebrate the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, and his beau Priscilla. The brainchild of food and still life photographer Louise Hagger, creative food stylist Emily Kydd, and creative director and prop stylist Alexander Breeze, Graceland recreates the couple’s wedding buffet and re-imagines it set in the titular Memphis estate to reflect the King’s “gluttonous approach to life and fulfillment in love”.

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Making Copyright Infringement Claims Is Now Harder for Photographers

Be proactive and copyright all of your work, especially pieces you plan on sharing with the masses.

Being able to share our work with millions upon millions of people is great. You can snap a picture, it can go viral, and someone may even want to buy your work. Unfortunately, there are those who like to skip that last part and just take what’s not theirs. In the past, if you had noticed that your work had been taken illegally you could register a copyright for your work, and then you could start proceedings against the party who infringed on your property. But a new U.S Supreme court ruling has changed all of that. Continue reading…

The Biggest Test of Any Photographer is Picking Their Best Images

Once someone told me that to present yourself as a good photographer, you have to be a great picture editor.

I wish I could tell you a deep anecdote about this person but I can’t remember who it was. What I remember well are the importance of those words especially when building and updating my portfolio. I’ve just gone through the long and painful process of updating my website. It’s a task I tend to do twice a year but the new year is when I do a massive clean-up refresh of all the content in it. Here’s when being a great picture editor comes into practice as I go through most of the final edits I’ve delivered during the past year.

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Nikita Zhurnakov Uses Color in Food Photography in the Funnest Way

All photos by Nikita Zhurnakov. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Looking for some cool food photography inspiration? This is precisely what we have on spotlight for today: a fine example of an out of the box approach to the mouthwatering genre. None of those flat lays by Instagram influencers here — only colorful and clever ways to see food! Russian photographer Nikita Zhurnakov shot a bunch of fun food for a commercial promo campaign by company Cherkashin. While he named his collection FOOD PORN, the photos aren’t your usual snaps of drool-worthy dishes or Instagram-worthy lifestyle content. Instead, they are clever captures that encourage us to see food items and ingredients as elements that we can use to play with colors, shapes, and textures.

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Nat Geo Photographer Ami Vitale on Photographing the Last White Rhinos

Photographer and filmmaker Ami Vitale and online fundraising platform Omaze are offering you an amazing opportunity.

“…the real secret is understanding that it’s not only about making pretty images. A lot of people can do that,” says award winning Nat Geo photographer Ami Vitale about creating photos that really move the world. “The real secret to powerful photography is the ability to not just make a beautiful image but make an image with meaning. It must have a story too.” In fact, Ami is teaming up with Omaze to help train the next generation of photographers on how to do this and to make sure everyone is aware of just how much the world’s wildlife is being threatened.

In 2018, Ami was put into the spotlight for her image of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino alive on the planet. She documented the heartbreaking final moments leading to his passing, signaling the end of an ancient species.. “There are no words to adequately express the profound grief I felt then and still feel today,” she says when asked about the experience. Whilst discussing where the journey sat in terms of her career and life, Ami said, “It’s one of the most painful but important moments I have ever witnessed.”

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I’m a Professional Photographer and I Never Feel Like I Need a Holiday

Who needs a holiday when you have one of the best jobs in the world?

Whatever type and style of photography that you do, you can’t deny that working as a photographer is an unbelievable experience with its ups and downs like every other job but, unlike any other job, most of us choose to become a photographer and be it for the lifestyle of a fashion photographer, the experiences of a photojournalist, or the flavours of a food photographer, we chose to get into our niche because we love what we do. Who would ever want to have a break from that?

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Photographer Stephen DiRado on Documenting His Father’s Battle with Alzheimer’s

No matter the topic of our photography project, there’s always a personal affiliation with it. It becomes even more personal when it is centered around the people we love the most.

“…to answer your question, there was no real separation, this was and is how I function,” says Stephen DiRado about documenting his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. Stephen has been taking photographs since he was 12 years old. From early on, his friends and family became accustomed to him pointing a camera in their faces. The camera was the bridge that brought him closer to those around him. In the late 1980s his father’s (Gene) health became the focus of his lens. Although it was first thought to be depression, Gene was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Until Gene’s death in 2009, Stephen visually documented his journey with the illness. We caught up with him to explore the impact the process had on him and their relationship.

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David Williams Puts American State Fair Food Under the Spotlight

Photographer David William’s series may induce nostalgia and a hankering for those often greasy, always good state fair grub. 

One of the most important highlights of any state fair is the food, and these are what photographer David Williams is putting the spotlight on in his ongoing personal project, State Fare. State fairs have been around for a long time – Wikipedia says that the first U.S. state fair happened in Syracuse, New York in 1841 – and as such have become tightly interwoven into the American experience. Some of you might have memories of visiting state fairs: going around to take in all the sights and enjoying state fair grub as you go along.

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Gabriella Marks Crafts a Clever Approach on Food Photography

All images by Gabriella Marks. Used with permission.

When we speak of food photography, we immediately think about how each shot should make the viewers salivate at the food or feast they’re looking at. But as with any genre, being experimental and looking for unique ways to work with it pays off. Case in point is a clever project by Santa Fe-based editorial and commercial photographer Gabriella Marks, who put the spotlight on the produce rather than the final product for a project called Form • Function • Food.

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Everyone Should Be Able to Take Great Food Photos

In my ideal world, everyone should be taking great food photos but that’s not always the case.

One of the highlights of my brief but intense career as a food photographer has been to teach food photography; I really enjoy the passing of knowledge and experience down to those who want the knowledge.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been running one to one food photography workshops in Brighton and London and most recently, I was offered a lecture on food photography at the CNM College in London. I’m running two courses there: A full day food photography workshop where I teach the basics of photography, the differences of food photography, light and styling and then we set-up different food scenarios to put the theory into practice. The other one is a food photography lecture as part of their Natural Chef course where I teach the fundamentals of plating and manipulating food, the composition of a dish based on the recipe and ingredients and then the basics of food photography and food styling. It’s awesome to put my culinary skills into practice and more when it is for education.

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Getting My Portrait Taken: The Story of a Portrait Photographer Getting the Camera Turned on Him

I am of the genuine belief that every photographer needs to have the camera turned on them every now and again in order for them to understand their subjects more.

One of the things many photographers speak of is empathy for your subjects. While I hate that romanticized idea due to my belief that it should be common sense, I agree: you should always do unto others as you’d have others do unto you. Blame Catholic schooling for that. If you want to turn the camera onto other people, you shouldn’t be the person who says, “Oh I don’t like having the camera turned on me.” If that’s the case, then why do it to others? Why not instead work to make yourself feel better in front of the camera or find a way to work with a photographer to do that? This has been my philosophy for years and in my eyes, there’s no exception to this rule. In order to have true empathy for your subjects, you need to step into their shoes and live a day in their lives. When I combined this with a few recent life changes I’ve made, it becomes something worth putting forward in photos that are representative of who you are.

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Three Stories About Cheap Clients I’ve Experienced as a Photographer

If you’re a photographer who has ever been cheaped out on by a client, you’ll enjoy this.

The quickest answer is yes, I’ve been cheaped out on and it sucks! I believe everyone in business has been in that situation before. But as a freelance creative, it probably hurts more because of the artistic value of our work and the sentimental attachment we have to it.

Let me elaborate on this and give you a few examples of situations where I was cheaped out by a “client” and how I reacted to the situation. (Note – the photos, names and brands have been omitted to protect the guilty.)

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This Is Why Staying Away from Social Media Has Helped Me as a Photographer After One Month

Staying away from social media has been such a blessing to me as a photographer

At the time of writing this piece, I’ve kept myself unplugged from most social media for over a month. I’m not completely against social media but I don’t think it’s either healthy and beneficial for us: humans being a highly sociable species. At the beginning of this year, I committed myself to change the things that I don’t like about my life. I started with taking my martial art training more serious, focusing all my energy towards my craft and my business, stop drinking regularly, changing my food habits and try to ignore social media.

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Going into Monk Mode: Supercharging Yourself as a Photographer

Productivity can be really tricky for photographers, but here’s how to make it easy

I’m sure that if you were to talk to some of the masters of photography they’d tell you about a zen feeling or what we like to call a Monk Mode. This Monk Mode is what we’d like to associate with an ultimate sense of clarity–unparalleled focus that allows you to go about shooting and creating totally undistracted and with full intent. You go on a mission in the same way that a Monk’s mission is often to seek enlightenment by shedding belongings and being solitary. For photographers, we can surely harness this sort of energy for our own uses.

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Outstanding Documentary and Art Photographers You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Here’s a list of links you should bookmark if you’re looking for outstanding photographers to check out every now and then for inspiration.

Inspiration and ideas for creative projects sometimes don’t come easy, even for the most prolific photographers of today. This is most likely why many of us find it helpful to look at what the master photographers of past and present have done, not to copy their finest work, but to help realize our own talents, inclinations, and creative visions. We need all the resources we can get: photo books, zines, online publications, portrfolio sites, and blogs. Surely, all of us keep a running list of links of photographers who we find inspirational. Well, allow us to add over 350 more to your list.

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The 37 Best Portrait Photographers to Follow on Instagram

This is a syndicated blog post on Be sure to sign up for their mailing list, tutorials and follow them on Instagram.

Looking for new portrait photography inspiration on Instagram? ​Here are 37 accounts that consistently post interesting portrait photographs. They’re listed in no particular order, though Richard Avedon and Irving Penn go first because they’re the best… obviously! To follow ​the ones you like, just click the ‘Follow’ button at the top of each profile. If you have a good suggestion for this list, let us know. If I like what I see, I’ll add it!

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I’m Not a Fashion Photographer, But I Was Commissioned to Shoot Fashion Recently

All images and text by Xavier D. Buendia

There seems to be a trend in photography that sees street photographers and others flirting with portraiture and fashion photography. I’ll cover that at the end but for now, let’s focus on why I’m one of those photographers. If business is steady as a food photographer, it might sound silly to get into other areas of photography but the reason I got into portrait and fashion photography is for sheer fun and pleasure; For curiosity, to explore a different aspect of the creative process that doesn’t apply to my every-day photography routine; to learn something new, to do something because I want to, as a hobby!

But why portraiture? I have this personal challenge of expressing my visual ideas into a photograph and having the interaction with people as a tool. I’ve tried landscape and it bored me to death, long exposures and HDRs didn’t excite me, I don’t have the time and patience for wildlife photography and street photography gets repetitive and cliché more often.I have this alchemical vibe for portraiture and exploring it takes me to very different levels as a creative.

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The Street Photographer’s Ultimate Camera and Education Guide 2017

So you want to be a street photographer?

As we recently did with most of the camera systems we cover regularly, we are going to continue putting together these series of ultimate guides based on tutorials, lists, and guides we produced on various topics throughout the last year. Next on our non-camera brand specific ultimate guides is our ultimate 2017 guide for street photographers.

If you are just getting into shooting street photography, or if you are just looking for more information about the art of it then this is a post you will want to have a look at. So let’s get into it… Continue reading…

This Photographer is Looking For Others to Do Their Jobs for Free

How many of you do your jobs as photographers for free?

If you’ve ever been told you should be doing a job for free, then this is an absolutely special ad just for you. When you’re starting out, or even later on in your career, it’s not uncommon that someone may ask you to do a photography job for free. It’s also fairly common that folks will do it for free and will most of the time do nowhere near as good of a job as you would. And so this special ad recently shared on Writing on Writing’s Facebook wall will relate to photographers oh so much.

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