3 Fantastic Canon RF Lenses We Tested Showing True Innovation

Is it time to get a new lens? If it is, then you’re probably wondering what lenses are doing that makes them stand out from the others. In truth, not many lenses are very innovative. But since the Canon RF mount came about, we’ve seen some exceptional Canon RF lenses. In fact, Canon RF lenses are incredibly innovative most of the time. Lucky for you, we’ve reviewed most of them. Be sure to check out our Reviews Index or Canon RF lens guide. And now, take a look at some of our favorites.

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Improved Animal and Face Detection! Sony A7 IV Review

Sometimes I find myself shaking my head at what cameras can do these days. The jury is still out as to whether it’s shaken in disbelief or wonderment. That is the case with the long-awaited and fairly priced Sony a7 IV. It packs a lot of features that photographers have been asking for along with capabilities that are overkill. I think Sony’s next camera could take an entirely black or even stark white image and recover almost every detail.

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Improved and Really Fantastic: Sony 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS II Review

As other manufacturers have only recently introduced their first 70-200mm mirrorless workhorses, Sony is upgrading the five-year-old 70-200mm f2.8 GM OSS. And Sony-tographers are going to be pleased. The Sony 70-200mm f2.8 GM OSS II has a Mark II in the name, but many of the updates feel more significant than that. The lens is significantly lighter and the autofocus now has four motors and a lower close-up limit. Oh, and there’s a dedicated aperture ring too.

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We All Wanted It. Fujifilm Instax Link Wide Printer Review

Nostalgic and fun? Yes, please! Fujifilm is back with another instant film printer, and it’s sure to be a hit. The Fujifilm Instax Link Wide printer is lightweight and ultra-portable. Its iOS app is simple to use and offers a lot of personalization. As a photographer, I’m most excited about how this will allow me to offer an even better experience for my clients. Keep reading to find out why.

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What Is the Top Mirrorless Camera? I Shot with 5 Stunning Options

Buying a camera is a little like dating. Every camera has its annoyances — you just have to choose the one whose weird quirks are either endearing or ignorable. As the Reviews Editor at The Phoblographer, I test cameras for a living. Yet, when I decided I was done with my DSLR, I wasn’t quite sure in which direction I wanted to head next. To continue the dating analogy, I hadn’t had the this-is-the-one moment. I hadn’t yet fallen in love. I hadn’t found the top mirrorless camera for me.

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3 Affordable Zoom Lenses for Pro Photographers Using Sony FE Cameras

This is a fascinating time in photography gear history. We’re in a unique spot where you don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to shoot as a professional photographer. You can do a great job with a meager budget. That’s incredibly evident in the Sony FE lineup of cameras. Companies like Tamron make great, affordable zoom lenses for the Sony FE camera system. Plus, they’re protected from the elements, reliable, and deliver excellent image quality. Proud of your #SonyFam? Then you can enrich your passion for photography even more without spending a ton of money.

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Not Just 85mm! 4 Great Portrait Lenses for the Canon RF System

If you’re seriously looking at the Canon RF camera system, you’re likely considering it for portraiture. It’s fantastic for it! And we’ve reviewed nearly every Canon RF lens, so we’ve got a lot to say. The system is brilliant for portraiture. Better yet, there are tons of fantastic portrait lenses for Canon RF cameras. Whether you’re using the Canon EOS R or the Canon EOS R5, there’s something for you. So we dove into the Reviews Index to get just what you need.

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How Bad Is the Fujifilm X Pro 3 Sub-Monitor Issue?

Every now and again, we’re told by photographers about problems their cameras have. Sometimes, these problems lead to class action lawsuits. A few companies have suffered this. And the latest issue we’ve been told about has to do with the Fujifilm X Pro 3. The word is that the eInk Fujifilm X Pro 3 sub-monitor becomes faulty and stops working after a while. So we did some investigation.

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The Best Camera Is One That Lets You Stay in the Moment


A modern camera can have all the AI, megapixels, autofocus points, and weather sealing in the world and still not work for you. It can be the most expensive one on the market and still not be that sweet serenade to your heart. The best camera can be loved by so many photographers in groups, but not have any chemistry with you. The best camera shouldn’t ever get in the way of making pictures. And most importantly, it shouldn’t get in the way of letting you fully enjoy life.

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The Best Nifty 50 Made! Panasonic 50mm F1.8 S Review

I’m a huge fan of Panasonic’s smaller lenses. And I think Panasonic has a lot to teach the rest of the photo industry. A case in point is the Panasonic 50mm f1.8 S. It checks off all the needs one could have and does so at an affordable price. What’s even more exciting is that it does this better than any other brand on the market. And if you’re going to buy any lens for the L-mount, this is the absolutely essential one. In fact, it could probably be the lens that makes you swap systems.

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Comfortable. Practical. Award-Winning. Morally Toxic Valkyrie 25L Review

The camera bag world is truly fascinating. The camera world itself has shrunk. Fewer people are buying dedicated cameras, according to sales data of the past decade. But camera bags are ever more proliferated. With the addition of the brand new Morally Toxic company, the folks behind 3 Legged thing are getting into the game. Their Morally Toxic Valkyrie 25L was designed and had input by a team of men and women. What’s more, the folks are all different sizes and shapes. And perhaps this is what helps to make the Morally Toxic Valkyrie 25L a genuinely fantastic bag.

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Our 3 Favorite f2.8 Zoom Lenses for Professional Photographers

One of these is bound to be your favorite f2.8 zoom lens after you try them!

The venerable f2.8 zoom lens is one of the darlings of many photographers out there. It’s a staple for portrait photographers, photojournalists, wedding photographers, and more. It’s also a fantastic lens for passionate photographers who do this as a hobby. They prove to be some of the most useful lenses in almost any situation you can name. Better yet, they’ve become more affordable for what they offer of the years. We dove into our Reviews Index and found some of the best f2.8 zoom lenses you can get. You’ll love these!

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Is This What Love Is Like? KONO Monolit 100 Review

I’ve shot a lot of film on behalf of The Phoblographer. And we’ve reviewed a ton of film emulsions over the years. When it comes to black and white film, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen for something this hard. KONO is a brand I’ve believed in for years. They were among the first to really try new things. Double exposed film? Dyed film? Along with Lomography, KONO has been an innovator of sorts. With KONO Monolit 100, we’re astounded at the results. And trust us, you will be too.

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4 Fantastic Cameras for Black and White Photography Purists

The best thing to do is realize that you really love black and white photography. And with today’s cameras, you don’t need to do it in post-production only. Lots of cameras let you apply the settings to the RAW file. And what’s more, some cameras have black and white already baked in. We dove into our reviews index to find the best cameras for Black and White photography. Take a look at these!

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Tame the Sun for Better Natural Light Portraits With One Tool

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There isn’t a whole lot you can do about the sun sometimes. Of course, you can look for shadow coverage to make shooting in the sun easier. But that is just a workaround that limits you on where you can be. Instead, you should find a way to shoot wherever you want. The key to doing this for natural light portraits is to find a way to soften the sun that hits your portrait subject. And it’s a whole lot easier than you’d think. 

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These are Awesome! 4 Portrait Lenses No Photographer Can Deny

The art of portrait photography is one that’s got a whole lot to deal with talking to people. There needs to be a connection. And oftentimes, you should talk to someone before you shoot their portrait. But of course, you don’t always have the time to do that. So instead, you should make sure you’ve got the best gear you can. That means getting fantastic portrait lenses. We dove into our reviews index to get just what you’re looking for. And here are four of our favorites.

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Photographing September 11: How They Feel 20 Years Later

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Twenty years have passed since two commercial planes struck the twin towers. You don’t need me to tell you what happened that day. Everyone has their own theories and opinions about it. And while that may divide people, one thing we all agree on is how traumatic that event was for the people of New York. Amongst the people fighting the struggles of that tragic day were photographers. Out on the front line, they felt compelled to document the harrowing events. Two decades later, how do they feel about the photos they made?

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A Simple Little Box That Shoots Vibrant Photos: Sigma Fp L Review

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The Sigma fp L is arguably one of the most innovative mirrorless cameras on the market. It’s a stripped-down camera that, with accessories, allows photographers to build back only what is needed. It’s got a lot: from grips to viewfinders and a hot shoe slot. Carrying on with the same body style as the original fp, the Sigma fp L adds a higher-resolution 61-megapixel sensor. The autofocus also gets a boost, and the camera houses more color profiles, along with other smaller tweaks.

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We’ve Reached Peak Zoom Lens. That’s Great for New Photographers.

For years, I didn’t have a lot of trust in zoom lenses, but that’s changed a bit.

Like many of you, I’m a prime lens shooter. I swear by my 35mm lenses. But I’ve run into situations where a zoom would’ve helped. It’s inevitable for many journalists. However, most zoom lenses just don’t cut it for me. They’re too big. Or the image quality fails at some point. Or they’re too slow. There are lots of reasons why I don’t choose zoom lenses. The last zoom I bought was the old Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS USM. Remember that lens? It left a really bad taste in my mouth. Since then, we’ve been reviewing nearly every zoom lens on the market. They’ve progressively gotten better. But the Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 lens recently won me over.

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The Fujifilm XT30 II and XT3 WW are Big, Giant Slaps

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Let’s be clear. I understand why camera manufacturers would want to revamp certain cameras. Sony has done it with the a7r series where you can get a new LCD screen. Today, Fujifilm is announcing two small revamps. There’s the XT3 World Wide and the Fujifilm X-T30 II. I’ve got mixed feelings about the cameras in one way. And in another way, I feel really slapped in the face as a decade-long Fujifilm customer.

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